After 6 successful years our Santo Cristo Roble has fulfilled more than expected all the expectations laid on it when it first was launched. New ages and our continuous renewal philosophy has invited us to undertake a new challenge called: Flor de Añón Roble. Key points of this new product view:

– More up-to-date, appealing and youthful image, as well as livelier colours, following the spirit of our Flor de Añón Verdejo. A product such as wine has to face up to the challenge of reaching youth layers in society with a slight exposure to wine. Design is, hence, a key pull effect.
– Focusing on a quality product is tipically one of our leitmotivs. Particularly, our policy remains the same and quality is our main aim. Pointing out it, we have decided that we could improve this wine stressing our identity through an intense use ouf our original and most acknowledge grape variety: La Garnacha.

Let’s get insight into this new launch features:


Red cherry-purple colour, of high intensity and purple trimmings.
High aromatic intensity in nose, standing red fruit aromas out that reflect the grape’s origin together with spicy and roasted hints due to its ageing in American and French oak barrels. In mouth it is a delicious, balanced and well-rounded wine, with soft and fine tannins.


From grapes harvested in half- and late October. These grapes are collected manually in 15 Kg cases from a selection of old vines with low yields in order to completely guarantee their ripeness.
Both varieties are processed separately, as they have their own ripeness moments, starting with the destemming process. Then grapes are moved to several inox tanks, where the grapes maceration process takes place for a couple of days. Then the alcoholic fermentation develops at a temperature of 25-27ºC for 10 days, so maceration is extended 3 days more. The malolactic fermentation is performed in oak barrels for 2 months, each variety separately. After malolactic fermentation is done, the wine of each variety separately is aged in American and French oak barrels for 3 months more, incorporating in the wine toasty and spicy notes, typical of wood, respecting the ripe fruit aromas and varietal touches of the varietal complexity of this wine. Once the ageing finish, the coupage of both varieties is made.

3 months mainly in French Oak barrels. Just a 15% out of the ageing process takes place in American oak barrels.

Red cherry-purple colour, of high intensity and purple trimmings. Clean and bright.

Complex and elegant nose, high aromatic intensity where red fruits and riped fruits hues stand out as reflecting its grape’s origin, combined with spicy, toasted and snuff hints.

Warm in the mouth. Delicious, balanced and well-rounded. Easy drinking. The previously described aromas stand out once again together with balsamic sensations and toasted notes.

Additional information:
Service Temperature: 14ºC-16ºC

Vineyards features:
– Goblet pruned (Garnacha) and espalier (Syrah).
– Vines age: 25-35 years (Garnacha) and 15-25 years (Tempranillo)
Vineyards Location:
Garnacha: Collado Alto, Pozos de Mata, Lomas Altas, Romeroso. Average height: 580 metres.
Syrah: Labarco and Huechaseca.