The region “Campo de Borja” enjoys a continental climate, with a certain Atlantic influence during the Winter whose most remarkable feature is a strong wind from the NW called “Cierzo”, which is cold and dry. The Mediterranean climate influence is noticeable during the Summer. These particular features give rise to unique peculiarities which distinguish our grapes from the ones in other wine producers areas. 

The diurnal and seasonal temperature contrasts are very pronounced, with extreme temperatures. Precipitation is low, averaging 350 mm in lowland areas, up to 450 mm in higher elevations. “Campo de Borja” belongs to a subregion surrounding a valley called “Valle de Huecha” situated in a high moor called “Somontano Ibérico”.


The relief corresponds to a succession of plateaus of altitudes between 450 and 700 m., with waves of gentle topography with broad curvature. The western part is more troubled by the presence of the spurs of the Moncayo mountain, the mountain that greatly influences the climate of the area, giving their distintive character to our wines. 

One of the features that are influencing the knowledge of the area and contributes to the proper cultivation of the vineyards is the study of soils. The soils that predominate in our region are brown-limestone soils and soils of terrace, with half stoniness, good drainage, average levels of organic matter and rich in nutrients. There are also ferrous clay soils on the slopes closer to Moncayo, where stoniness is higher. They are very suitable soil for the cultivation of the vineyard with quality productions.